Introduce your Community

Going into a community service have an obvious effect to students or people. Community service is actually enjoyable and can help you discover your field of interest for your future job. You will also feel a sense of fulfilment right after joining a community service.

If you want to encourage more people especially the youth to join your community service, here is how you can introduce your community to attract lots of volunteers.

  • Bring the whole group- if you want to encourage as many volunteers as possible, you have to bring a group with at least 10 to 15 members. It is much easier to convince many people if you will divide your group into several groups and do a house to house visit.
  • It is important to always be polite and friendly when talking to people. This will help you to create a good impression.
  • People want to know what they can get out of being a community volunteer. You have to explain all positive benefits that they can earn out of helping other people.
  • If you are talking to a youth, you have to ensure that you will explain everything in a manner that they can easily understand. Talking as an adult to teenagers much younger than you is different. You have to look smart and eager to be able to grab their attention.
  • Establish community activites in a community where you want to encourage people to go for volunteering is a good idea. Through these, they will know that your community group really helps people.
  • It is important to create an impression that will leave a mark to people in that community.

Encouraging people to join community services is not that hard especially if you have genuine will and heart to help more people by encouraging more volunteers.