Introduce Yourself

Many people get nervous whenever they meet new people in their life. That is natural and you do not have to worry if you are feeling nervous when you are in a situation like this. Meeting new people for the first time makes you nervous, because you do not know anything about them. You will probably meet new people in your life such as new neighbors, roommate, professor, job interviews, and a lot more. You will surely experience this kind of people and you should not let this situation affect you. It is natural for people to be concern at how people will perceive you. Most likely, the people that you meet for the first time also feel the same things towards you. If you want to feel ease when face in this kind of situation, Here are some useful tips that you can use.

  • If you are entering a room full of strangers, you have to enter with confidence, but not over confidence. If you project that you are confident about yourself, it will make the other party more nervous than you are. Avoid showing arrogance. If you want to make new friends, you have to start a conversation. You may face this kind of situation at the first day of school. If you want a successful first day, it is nice to always be the first one to make the move.
  • It is imperative to always smile to hide the shyness and the nervousness that you feel. A simple greeting such as “hi and hello” is important. Your body language can tell who you are, it is important to observe your body language when you are introducing yourself. If you are face to face with an interview especially for work, this is a very important reminder for you. If you are sitting, it is important to quickly stand up staring and extend your hand for a firm hand shake. Before or during your handshake, you can introduce yourself as simply as possible. You have to give you full name depending on how formal the situation is. If you are just meeting a roommate and a classmate, you can just say your first name. If you are on an interview it is imperative for you to say your full name.
  • Having an eye contact to the person that you will meet for the first time is important. Your eyes should look like you are very interested in meeting the person for the first time.
  • It is important that you follow and lead. To build a relationship with the other person, you have to show that you consider their wants and they should also respect your wants. If you are building a friendship with a stranger, this is important. 
  • You must keep the tone of your voice consistent. Joking and laughing are appropriate for your peers, but not appropriate if you are facing a formal meeting. If the other party starts a lighter conversation, you should follow even if it is a formal meeting.
  • If possible avoid having sweaty hands. Just before you do the hand shake, make a quick wipe on your hanky or pants. Having sweaty hands can provide a negative impression. It will make you feel very uncomfortable and it may add to your nervousness.

Introducing yourself is important in many kinds of situation. The main key in a successful introduction is confidence, if you are confident about yourself and how you look, you will surely have a successful introduction of yourself. Meting someone is an opportunity whether for work or just for peers. You must make the most out of every first meeting.