One of the most critical parts of an interview is the introduction of yourself to the interviewer especially when you are looking for work. The following are several tips that will help you make a strong and lasting impression.

  • The first thing that you must do right before introducing yourself to the interview is to stand firm and step forward to introduce yourself to your possible employer. It is important to firmly shake the interviewers hand with your right hand. Use your right hand even if you are left handed.
  • Don’t sit until the interviewer says so. 
  • As you introduce yourself, it is imperative that you look directly to the eye of your interviewer.
  • It is important to make a respond to every comment of you interviewer, if he if he or she says. “It’s nice meeting you”, then you have to respond by saying, “thank you”. Always be polite and you will that your nerves will eventually loosen up.
  • The body language of your interviewer will tell you what to do that is why it is important to always be observant. If you see that then interviewer is distracted, you can lighten up the atmosphere by telling an interesting story about one of your qualification.
  • If the interviewer is saying something, try not to interrupt. Wait until he or she finishes a sentence or a question, then you can respond or you may also ask a question. In case that you do not understand any question, politely ask the interviewer to kindly repeat the question. Ever action and words that coming out of your mouth is being judge when you are in an interview especially for an employment or work.

Remember that the competition is very tough and there are hundreds of other applicants vying for that same position you want.